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Get the full EVOTAG experience when connecting your smartphone to the EVOtagger, and having an entire arsenal of weapons at your fingertips!

The EVOtagger is purposely designed not to be mistaken for a real weapon, thus enabling you to play EVOTAG in nearly any possible outdoor location. Additionally, the EVOtagger is cast in a sturdy mix of ABS and poly-carbonate plastic and will resist a fair amount of rough gameplay.

If you can see your opponents' EVOtagger then you can hit him. To play EVOTAG does not require additional sensors in the shape of hit detection headbands or vests. Do consider adding the EVOTAG Red Dot Sight as it gives you a clear advantage when shooting while moving - and looks pretty cool as well.

- Powered by a 9V battery (not included, buy here)
- Long range, 100 meters and more
- High precision, 1 cubic meter target size
- Infrared light means its 100% eye-safe

The EVOTAG package contains:
An EVOtagger, the EVOTAG app (for iOS / Android) and a Quick Start Guide.

Note: You must have at least two EVOtaggers in order to play EVOTAG!

The EVOtagger is not a toy and is not intended for childen. The minimum recommended age is kids over 10 years of age. Younger children should only play EVOTAG under strict adult supervision.