EVOtag Red Dot Sight

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Improve your aim by adding a Red/Green dot sight to your EvoTagger. It is especially useful when moving or when shooting at a moving target.

When aiming through a red/green dot sight keep both your eyes open, focusing your sight on the target while looking through the glass. An illuminated red/green "dot" will show you exactly where you hit.

A red/green dot sight is 100% eye-safe. A low-powered LED light is reflected on the glass to your eyes, giving you the effect of a illuminated red/green "dot".

This version allows you to adjust

  • Color, red or green
  • Intensity, from 1 to 5
  • Indicator, a dot, two types of cross-hairs and a circle 

You can calibrate the sight both horizontally and vertically.

A CR2032 battery is included. Ensure you turn the power off by turning the dial to "G" or "R" when not in use.